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Here’s a YouTube video on Intelligent Design: a short one this time. Mockery. Pure mockery.

I dug a little for Argento’s columns. It turns out he has a blog and some, maybe all of them, are there. Start here and keep going to the Final Day of the Trial. The comments at the end of the latter are interesting and Mike even gets a proposition from a single girl. Argento is a more Dave Barry than H.L.Menken, certainly more fun than The Economist. However, I cringe a little when I read “a bunch of” a bunch of times.

What’s going on here? Nothing like this perhaps

Speak Proper? Not Likely by India Knight

Many years ago my then future (now ex) husband used to reduce me to near-hysterics whenever we took a taxi back to his house. As soon as we neared home, he’d lean forward, slide open the glass partition, and tell the cab driver: “There’s a li’el slip road just dahn on the right, mate, alrigh? Cheers.” Then he’d shut the partition, lean back, adjust the collar on his Prada coat, and, in his normal voice, say something like: “That claret at supper was utterly divine.

Which is worse, actual or affected bunch-a-times-ing? Or the idea that any man could call claret “utterly divine”.

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