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I was browsing a mundane Google query when I noticed:

De La Salle Zobel – Daily Bulletin
Jesus alerted his followers to flee Jerusalem at the first sign of the … Roundtrip airfare via Cebu Pacific or PAL(Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila ) …dailybulletin.zobel.dlsu.edu.ph/ – 22k -

Thoughts of Jesus texting the disciples and flying coach in 2007, but presumably not using Google, ensued.

The Google-Borg becomes ever more ubiquitious but not yet dramatically more useful. This still sounds better than (semantic) Web 3.0 and other 3.0 visions. Some new properties will emerge, surely.

The case for:

(A downloadable version of Prof.Wesch’s video is available here).

A case against:

A reply says “the Internet is essentially a series of Guttenberg (sic) presses and Edison kinetoscopes connected by telegraph wire” and suggests we’re en route to virtual reality. A fine student response asking about the problems of the offline for whom hunger is a greater concern is, alas, no longer on YouTube.  This response points to the diversity of people in the global village and how separated they really are.

Hopefully, the real world will be improved with more ubiquitous technology. Failure, after all, could mean that GWorld may be swept aside by Climate Change as a Service (for social justice). All our fates on Earth 1.0 are in the hands of the poor.

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