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Recently British newspapers have lamented the passing of Jeremy Beadle. Jeremy who? I had no idea. It seems he was a practical joker in the Candid Camera school. The Times has an article today on his Top 10 Wind-ups with links to YouTube videos. The white van stunt was the best, but on the whole it makes Candid Camera and the silent alternatives (with no bleeped out language) look good. On second thoughts, the lady whose husband did a bit of modeling had a glorious laugh — for a while.

Some of the old UK Candid Camera Classics are delightful. Eating goldfish e.g. Good, clean family entertainment.

Today was the deadline for filing tax returns for the last tax year. I tried to do it online last year but found I needed to have registered weeks in advance. This year the system crashed and was down most of the day, generating some publicity. So, I printed out the form (this year’s) having called the tax office and, somewhat surprisingly, managed to speak to a person — she called by my first name about four times in a 2 minute call — and I walked it to the nearest HM Revenue Commissioners office.

I overheard the man in front of me ask for a receipt.

We don’t do those

he was told. Cheerfully too. Another man said he could submit today but couldn’t pay. He was told he could use his credit card and pay by phone. A case of the government swallowing goldfish (update: the card is no longer branded with a goldfish).

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