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Ariel Leve’s column disappeared from the Sunday Times magazine a while back. I’ve seen an article here and there since, conventional journalism, good but not especially memorable; I like her best when she writes about herself or about women.

I didn’t realize how much I missed her until I chanced upon her comments on Mr.Spitzer’s downfall. Characteristically funny, and memorable.

I find it strange that in all the excoriation and mockery of her husband nobody has said what a fine looking woman Mrs.Spitzer is. She has an interesting and rather beautiful face, and it’s not just a pretty face.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald men are happiest with educated wives, which Mrs.Spitzer certainly is:

the higher the education level of the wife, the happier the husband is

What about the joke about the three women who were given money to invest? It doesn’t end with the man marrying the one with the biggest brain!

A Brazilian classmate said last night, when I expressed some concern about a group presentation I was about to give

hey, don’ worry, if you make a good marriage everything’s ok, nothing to worry

He got married last Saturday week. His wife left for Brazil the following day and had returned just the previous night. The rest of the team laughed, knowing I’ve got a few miles on the clock, and happy for our colleague.

2 Responses to “Marriage of True Minds”

  1. RDL says:

    “the higher the education level of the wife, the happier the husband is” Though I concur with this observation there is the caveat that the male should not feel threatened with being outshone in some fields.

    I must at the same time wonder if this comment is included as insurance that may be useful when your wife finds the blog.


  2. Threatened? Only cave men, surely. You’re a cynic. After all these years I think I can pass on the insurance, indeed it never crossed my mind. I’ll send her a link someday when she’s ill and bored. I just heard her laughing at this (which I sent her): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PcL6-mjRNk
    which is altogether more worthwhile. That is if I haven’t given up (the domain is due to be renewed for the first time in April; I haven’t decided yet). I’ve been too busy with assignments lately.
    Changing the subject, it so happens I’m listening to a Don and Dave Grusin album you introduced me to.

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