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MS Word has stopped working

There has been a lot of chatter on the net lately about Gartner saying that Microsoft Windows is collapsing under its own weight. Elsewhere there are claims that this is why it’s desperate to buy Yahoo. Windows and Office are the cash cows and they are looking vulnerable, supposedly.

I suspect that the end is not nigh for Microsoft, but that when it comes for Windows it may be surprisingly quick.

When did you last buy a roll of film?

I asked my other half the other day. She couldn’t remember. It all happened very quickly. I bought our first digital camera in January 1997; it seems like a lifetime ago. Before Google.

All I seem to hear about Microsoft Office is whether people like the new interface or not (I prefer it). Unfortunately, almost every time I open Word 2007 it crashes–unless I’m opening an old Word document, in which case it works. Microsoft knows this. The software tells them. It’s been going on for a year and it still isn’t fixed. If I persist it eventually gives up and just works.

My copy of Vista is the only one at home that hasn’t been updated to SP1. Windows Update has yet to show that it’s available, seemingly because of some driver problem. Will this take a couple of years to be fixed? Meanwhile, the 3rd update to Ubuntu since Vista was released will happen in a couple of weeks.

Still, Microsoft can do something right. The new Live Maps is amazing.


Here’s a “bird’s eye” view of the neighbourhood. That’s Baker Street on the right, and Dorset Square in green.

I was in Foyle’s bookshop the other day and I asked a girl at the information desk if I could borrow her London A-Z, so that I could find the quickest way to Rathbone Place.

Where do you want to go?

She asked while I was still in the index. Before I could turn to the page she turned her flat screen monitor my way and showed me on Google Earth where I needed to go. I realized there and then that my next phone must have GPS. My Palm Treo 650 will be 3 years old in a few weeks. I’m in no hurry however. I can wait for the OpenMoko or the Palm that will supposedly run Linux.

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  1. Roads says:

    My BlackBerry has GPS on it, but it’s pretty useless. Finally I downloaded Google Maps onto it last week. Unbelievable. It does real time position tracking, and can find just about anywhere. It shows either a map view, or a satellite image, with present location within an accuracy of 3m. And it works abroad, too. It gives directions, and it computes distances. Simply stunning – quite the best piece of technology I’ve come across for quite a while.

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