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Unrequited Love

Would you like to slip into a beard and dark glasses and join us for dinner?

the lady of the house enquired this evening.

I fear the disquise would have been a waste of time. You see, the cat has fallen for me. Not just has she emerged from the radiator and gradually taken posession of the place, evidenced by

  • high-jinks races from one end of the apartment to the other
  • manifestations of insatiable curiosity (cupboards are for investigating as soon as they are opened)
  • where’s my breakfast? antics in the morning, including walking on sleeping people
  • an indifference to visitors

but she has decided to make me, as the only male in the house, the object of her affections. It is hard to believe this is the creature who hid away in fear of her life for a month. Her solicitations are not subtle!  She doesn’t really know what she wants but she’s convinced I can help.

Only a few days ago we were being entertained with wild frolics with a catnip-filled cloth mouse, now we are groaning at endless pitiful mewing and saying Oh do shutup, you silly cat!

How often is this going to happen?!

A visit to the vet is in the offing I think.

2 Responses to “Unrequited Love”

  1. mjp says:

    where’s the video?

  2. j says:

    Cats like men. Ours prefer The Grouch to me. Although I’m the one that feeds them, I’m also the one that takes them to the V. sh .E. whisper. T. It may also have something to do with men generally sitting still for longer – there’s nothing worse for a cat than the lap it’s chosen suddenly deciding to up sticks.

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