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I have used a TiddlyFolio, an example of a TiddlyWiki, to manage my passwords for the last year and half or so.

In the process of setting up a new PC, my Lenovo X200 laptop, I came across LastPass, a Firefox application for managing passwords and synchronizing them securely across PCs.

At first it seems a little too good to be true. I certainly won’t be entrusting any online banking passwords to it, but for routine use it seems just the ticket. Essentially, it’s a free, cross-browser substitute for RoboForm. Supposedly one’s data, stored on the LastPass server network, is secure as it’s encrypted locally on your PC.

Sure, the NSA can probably crack the AES encrypted file (if it is AES) that can be synced across PCs but never having to worry about a lost password again will be a worthwhile tradeoff for most people.

You can even use it with an iPod or iPhone (YouTube here).

My other good discovery was a free (for me) update to MyLifeOrganized (v3.0).

As these are Windows applications I’ll admit I’m still running Windows, Vista to be exact, on the new laptop. I decided to postpone Windows 7 for now as I had read of too many driver problems with this computer. Haven’t got around to Ubuntu dual boot yet.

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