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Webdesigner Depot features 50 examples of the Droste effect.

Droste is a brand I was familiar with, having lived in the Netherlands. But the Droste effect? I had no idea.

Droste TV

Droste TV

It turns out to be a picture within a picture within a picture, receding recursively to invisibility. Why, I have played with the idea myself without having a name for it. Here, for example — by popping a camera chip into the media player media player under the TV.

Perhaps because I never purchased powdered chocolate I never registered the Droste nurse.

I have long been a fan of the Dutch artist Escher’s; my favourite ties feature some of his designs with birds and fish. Is it possible he was influenced by the Droste box? I can’t imagine it. Recursive images go back a long way in art history and are obvious, surely, even if his impossible twists were novel.

But what a coup for this chocolate brand to be associated with the effect and not Giotto who used it first, in the Stefanesci triptych.

There should be a word for memejacking of this sort. Maybe that’s it.

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