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The App I would buy today for $300, says Sean Tierney:

Anti-noise application

A way of suppressing music you hate.

I laughed.

Even though, I rememebered, there is one Kenny G track I enjoy. His Songbird track was the background muzak on the hotel TV in the Shangri-La Hotel in Manila and hearing it unexpectedly years later brought back some pleasant memories.Yes, it’s aural wallpaper and in other circumstances it would never register.

Just as I was about to say

Very funny

and pass on, it hit me. Forget $300, that’s just an expression of passion, but really, people would pay, I am certain, to have their televisions mute the sound when certain politicians are speaking.

Get out of my house!

my father in law used to say when someone he particularly didn’t like appeared on TV, and he reached for the mute or the off button. I do the same (sometimes repeating the incantation for my wife’s amusement). Doesn’t everybody?

If someone could knock this up quick there’s a fortune to be make in the UK in the next month. And you could make money on the voice signatures the way people do on ringtones.

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