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Jon Stewart’s riff on the British election campaign season is quite funny and points up some differences in national character nicely.

His incredulity over Cameron’s attack over the lies about…. bus passes, yes, bus passes, was a delicious moment of cultural dissonance. Also memorable:

the moment Gordon Brown’s political soul left his body

It must be seen to be appreciated. I wonder if this is a preview of what’s coming for the Labour party?

Even The Guardian has abandoned it and decided to support proportional representation.

President Obama’s graduation speech at the University of Michigan is worth a read. He is in a league by himself that man. He may not have written every word but his voice and perspective are unmistakeable.

Comment of the week was Bill Maher’s line that the Drill, Baby, Drill crowd need to report to Louisiana for clean up duty.

Meanwhile, it seems the Conservatives are inching toward a majority if Labour’s collapse is of historic proportions. That will surely mean a role in government for a interesting newcomer, Rory Stewart (profile in Slate). I need to read his books, I enjoyed his TV programmes. I’d prefer PR.

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