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Earth Wallpaper

I’ve written before about World Daylight Map.

By chance I came across a celestial perspective for Linux, here: Real-time earth wallpaper gets refreshed look.

I tried it out, played with xPlanetFX a bit on my Ubuntu desktop:


Here, I’ve grabbed part of the screen rather than all of it.

Just click on the image for a better impression of what it looks like — there are many other perspectives.

The earth turns in real-time (with refresh intervals you choose) and the cloud cover and moon phase appear current.

Someday I’d like to see a globe, illuminated from within, with a real-time display like this. Perhaps even own one if they’re affordable. And wouldn’t it be fun to go inside a personal I-Max? I’ve flown over part of Alaska while seated on the wing of a plane — while reclining in an I-Max cinema. Project that forward by a generation… !

I read yesterday about Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors and wondered, as a non-gamer, what use they’d be to me in future. Here’s part of the answer: stunning graphics as a default.

Meanwhile, what a magnificent tribute to that pale blue dot as Carl Sagan called it.

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