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I tried out Google Drive recently (video). Indeed, I’m still trying it out.

The purpose of this post is to give you some advice if you are thinking of trying it out. In one word: wait.

It’s a performance hog. It might be ok on a 64bit CPU with lots of memory, but on my 4Gb Windows 7 powered Lenovo X200 laptop, it’s a disaster. It started out fine, but it updates itself and somewhere along the line it started taking more and more CPU time to the point that my computer was frequently unusable.

I was sufficiently surprised when I discovered what was slowing my computer down so much that I resorted to Google to confirm that it wasn’t just me. The first thing I found was The Technical Superiority of Dropbox.

Google Drive, as a platform for applications, not just storage, makes sense — in theory that is.

When will software come with installation options that limit the resources that can be demanded?



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